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C-Rok Inner Steering Support Brace - XJ
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C-Rok Inner Steering Support Brace - XJ

Date Created: 03/30/2009
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Total Time For Install - 1 hour 30 minutes approx.

Installed on - 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport

Tools Used - 16mm socket and ratchet, 22mm socket

Materials Needed - C-Rok support brace, 3 steering box bolts, 1 - 9/16" Grade 8 nylock nut and bolt, 3 - 5/8" dia. spacers

Notes: I did not take the tire off to do this project. With my tirmmed fenders and lift, it was no problem to get to the bolts.

Here is what the kit came with, (minus the bolts, so just the spacer and the metal cylindrical spacers, not pictured)

1) Here is what I started with:

Remove the three steering box bolts. CAREFULLY, otherwise they will snap and it will make this project much longer. Ask me how i know!

2) Once bolts are taken off, pop off the spacer that sits between the unibody and steering box

Here is the differnce, the C-Rok is just pure beef compared to stock

Once all three bolts are in order to get the spacers in, you must drill out the three holes. I used about a 1/2" bit to ream out the bumper bracket and steering box bolts just enough to tap the spacers in with a mallet or hammer.

4) Slide the steering box bolts back through the sleeves and mount the spacer on the inside of the "frame". Put the 9/16" bolt through as well.

5) Tighten the steering box bolts first, going around a couple times to insure they are tight. APPLY lock-tight to all the steering box bolts

6) Finally tighten the 9/16" bolt completely.

7) You are done! GO back and tighten the bolts daily for the first week to make sure they are completly tight.

Overall the process isnt too bad at all. The steering feels much more complete and solid. Especially with AJs bumper mounts on the outside.


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