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DIY Snorkel Write-up
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DIY Snorkel Write-up

Date Created: 04/21/2008
Author: YJeepster88
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This version of DIY snorkel a modified version of the ones found on the internet. So I can not take complete credit for this snorkel setup.

This Snorkel setup was designed and fabbed to work with 1988 Jeep Wrangler, but will work with other models with little modification. I know you can use this setup on a 1997 Jeep TJ, for I have done it on my friendís jeep.

Now on to the parts list, most pieces can be found at Home Depot, Lowes, or a plumbing supply house (this is where I got all my piece of the puzzle).

(1) 1- 8 ft piece of 2" black abs pipe.

(2) 1- 2" rubber 90*

(3) 1- metal pipe hanger (cooper or steel)

(4) 1- metal strap hanger

(5) 1- 90* Street 90 elbow

(6) 1- 45* elbow

(7) 1- 4" to 2" drain adapter

(8) 1- 4" drain cover to fit inside the adapter above.

(This is where you can get creative and either do it they way I did or you can

just use a rechargeable air filter on top.)

(9) 1 can of abs glue (rain or shine)

(10) 1 box of 2" flexible pipe.

(11) 2 2in abs couplings

(12) 1 2 1/2 " Hole saw

The following parts I have gotten at the auto recyclers...

1- Air hat off a Cadillac with the 4.7 front wheel drive

2- Air filter hose from a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee

3- Air box (or can) from a 1988 Dodge Raider

Now when I did this snorkel setup, my 1988 Jeep wrangler did not have a air filter box, just a stock air cleaner that sat on top of the carb. I have also done a 4.3 Chevy conversion, so this is why I got the parts from the auto recyclers. So your setup will vary. You can use the original air box that comes with your jeep, but the hose connection will be different.

Steps as follows. (Have pictures for you to follow and see the finished install.)

#1 locate all parts for your Jeep.

#2 pick which side you want to mount the snorkel to, driver or passenger side.

#3 carefully look on the inside of the fenders and make sure you have clearance to drill your 2 1/2in hole. Once you determined that you have the clearance, proceed to mask off the fender with tape and mark your location. As you can see from the picture below is where I chose to drill my hole.

#4 once you have marked your hole, proceed to drill the hole. This part makes most people cringe and shy away from performing this setup.

#5 Once you have the hole drilled, take a file and smooth out the hole and make sure you have no sharp edges. Then you can take a fuel line or vacuum hose and split the hose down the middle the long way. Once you have done these steps, you can take some paint and paint the hole, to keep rust from forming. Once the paint is dry, you can take the hose that you have cut, and wrap it around the edge of the opening. This is just to make it look professional.

#6 When you have finished step 5 then you can take you rubber 90* elbow and place it into the hole. Now you can proceed to mock up the rest of the piping. What I did is cut a 4ft piece of 2in abs pipe and place it along the windshield, from there you can see what couplings and elbows you want to use. What I did is use a 45* elbow and attached it to the bottom of the pipe. From there I measured how long of a piece of pipe I needed to connect the elbow to the rubber 90* elbow was needed. Once I got the measurement I cut the pipe and then dry fitted all the pieces to together. Once I got everything lined up and where I wanted it, I took a 2in pipe hanger and placed it onto the pipe and then marked where I want to attach it the body. (as you can see from the picture (#4), this is where I placed the hanger and drilled it thru the body and attached it from the inside to the hanger. Once I had this step done, I took the street 90 and place the 4in to 2in drain adapter to the street 90 elbow and took it placed it against the pipe that runs up the side of the windshield to get a visual on how high I want the the air grabber to stick above the roof line. As you can see I chose to place it about even with the roof line so that I would not catch anything with it, while I was out in the woods. Once I had it to where I wanted it, I marked the abs pipe and pulled it off and cut it. Then I attached the street 90 with the drain adapter onto the pipe and see if my measurement was good. This part takes a couple of times to get it right where you want it. Then I took the 2 in metal strap hanger and placed it up by the street 90 for an upper support, marked the hanger, trimmed it, and then drilled a hole in the strap and then into the windshield frame, then tapped the hole and installed a stainless steel bolt with a little bit of silicon on the threads of the bolt and install the bolt thru the hanger and onto the windshield frame.

#7 once you have everything cut and dry fitted, I pulled everything apart and started to glue everything together. What you want to make sure is you do this step one piece at a time and have it attached to the body to make sure you have everything lined up and facing the right way.

#8 once you have everything glued together, tighten all the straps to the abs and then when this step is done, I took the drain cover and applied glue to the edge of the drain cover and slid the cover into the 4in drain adapter and leveled the lines on the grille.

This takes care of all the install on the outside of the jeep for the snorkel. The following picture is for reference to what I used and done on my jeep.

1- rubber 90* elbow

2- piece of abs pipe

3- 22* elbow

4- Metal pipe clamp

5- Piece of 2in abs pipe

6- Street 90 elbow

7- 4in to 2in drain adapter

8- 4in drain cover or grille

9- the number is missing but it is the strap hanger under #6

Now onto the inside of the snorkel setup. Now remember this part will differ from your jeep for I used all the parts to make the snorkel work with 4.3 Chevy setup that I have. I went to the junk yard and got the following stuff, air box from a 1988 Dodge Raider, hose from a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee, air hat from a Cadillac 4.7 litre.

As you can see from the picture, you can see where I mounted everything to make the setup work. Then once I had everything mounted where I wanted it and it will work. I took a piece of 2in hose and put a coupling with a piece of the 2in abs pipe and glued it to one end of the hose. I attached it to the rubber 90* elbow and tightened it down. Then I ran the hose up to the air box and used a rubber 2in coupling and attached it to the air box. Then I measured the hose and cut it to size. Once I had the hose cut I attached another 2in abs coupling to the end of the hose and attached it to the rubber coupling that is attached to the air box. Then I tightened everything down, and made sure all my hoses and stuff away from any heat source so not to melt anything.

From the following picture you can see #1 where I attached the 2in hose to the air box.

The following picture is what I have done on my jeep and your setup will differ from mine

1- air box from a 1988 Dodge Raider

2- hose from a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

3- Air hat from a Cadillac 4.7 ( I donít remember what year it came from Sorry)

Now if you are using your stock air box, you have to get a couple of different abs fitting to get it to attach to your air box. 1 2in coupling with a threaded end on it. You need a lock nut for the 2 in threaded coupling. Do the same thing with hose and route it to your air box and cut it to length. Then attach the 2 in threaded coupling to the end of the hose and mark your air box where you want the hose to attach to your air box. Once you have it marked then take a 2in hole saw and drill the hole into the box. You want to take the air box out first and remove the air horn that is on the front of the air box and make a cover for it and seal the hole up. Then reinstall the air box and Attach the hose to the air box and tighten down the lock ring to the threaded coupling. Once you have it tightened down take some silicon and apply around the threaded coupling where it meets the box. Once you have everything done, and all the silicon dried, you can enjoy your nearest deep water hole.

This was brought up by another fellow jeeper that I forgot to mention. Here is a list of other things that should be addressed before you go deep water crossing or just all out playing in the waters.. Thanks to Richmond 88 YJ:

Don't forget the other stuff you need to waterproof and seal up before you go deep diving..

-Breather lines for axles, trans and TC




-Vac systems - PVC, x-flow etc.

-Change from belt driven to elec fan

-Computer and Relay housing


Now if you have any question, please feel free to email or post your question and I will try to answer them.


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