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Herculining Interior w Drains
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Herculining Interior w Drains

Date Created: 04/22/2008
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As many of you have heard I am Herculining the interior of my XJ and I promised a write-up…so here it is

Its my first write-up so bare with me…lol

1. Tools Needed

a. Herculiner Kit

i. Gallon Paint

ii. Bristle Pad

iii. Brush

iv. Rollers (not completely necessary)

b. Basic Wrench/Ratchet Kit

c. Screwdrivers

d. Acetone

e. Rags

f. 1-1/8" Hole saw and 3/8" Drill Bit

2. Begin by removing the seats

3. Remove the rear seats using a 16mm ratchet to remove the back of the rear seats, there is one on each side.

4. The front seats each have four bolts. The fronts of the brackets have two 13mm bolts.

The rears of the brackets have two different style bolts. The outsides have bolts that are removed with a 13mm bolt, mine were pretty tough to get out. (they are easiest removed with the seat pushed as far forward as possible) The insides of the brackets are nuts that are removed with a 11/16” ratchet.
5. Next, you can remove the seat belts, I chose not to. They are removed with a Torx Head

7. Once all the seats are removed you can take out the center console, to remove that you must take out the plates at the bottoms of the shifters and unscrew the 6 screws that are there.

8. Pull out all carpet (trunk and front section pulls out in two sections

9. Next, you must remove the sound deadener material (silver metal). The sound deadener is located under the bench seats, on the ground infront of the bench seats and buckets as well as on the tranny hump (I didn’t remove the tranny hump material)

I found that the herculiner went over the rubbery/glue type stuff fairly well and it wasn’t worth spending the time getting all of it out. The herculiner doesn’t apply well to the metal though.

10. I also drilled some holes to use as drains, I took two of the drain plugs from the trunk and used them for the front. I took a 1 – 1/8” hole saw to fit the plug

Finished product:

I also added some to under the bench seats using a 3/8” bit

There are also these drains that came stock, they get pulled out with a flat head screwdriver pretty easily

The trim can be removed as well at this time.

11. Once vacummed and cleaned out I went around with the bristle pad that came with the kit and scratched the surface, make sure to take care of any rust issues at this point.

12. Apply Acetone to the surface to clean all the shavings up.

13. Apply a coat of herculiner to the entire floor.

14. While still tacky go ahead and apply a second coat to the floors, I did three coats total (maybe a little overkill, but better safe then sorry)

15. Reinstall all trim and seats, the center console should go on first and then trim and then seats.


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