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How to: Paint a hard top
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How to: Paint a hard top

Date Created: 03/30/2009
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Im doing a write up on how to paint a hard top. there isnt much information out there on doing it. Heres how i did mine

i recommend washing it before you start

Heres a picture before i started

First thing to do is get your supplies. you will need the following:
Krylon fusion any color you want, i used 3 cans i recommend getting 4
Masking tape
Scottbrite pads

Now the first thing to do is scuff the hard top, and then wipe it clean with the towel. This is just to get dirt and other things off.

Next, start masking the top, and remove the vents on the side also remove the molding around the windows, they will pull right out. Label them.

Now your ready to start painting, when you spray do a 50% percent over lap of the last coat. This will prevent streaks. do about 2-3 coats.

First side done

Wear a mask and have good ventilation, anything is better then nothing, i had 3 on here


Once everything is dry, carefully pull the masking tape and newspaper off.
finished product

still holding up




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