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JeepForum Project CJ7
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JeepForum Project CJ7

Date Created: 07/14/2008
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The following article is the first in a series detailing the build-up and transformation of the JeepForum CJ7 Jeep Project.


I have always been fond of the CJ7 since I was a child. I owned a CJ5 and then two different Wranglers but the CJ7 never lost its appeal. So when it came time to decide on which platform to use for the JeepForum Promotional Jeep Project I knew it had to be the CJ7.

Texas isnít kind on Jeep prices but after looking for several months and a half dozen CJís later I finally found a 1982 CJ7 in my small neighborhood of all places. It came with exactly what I wanted; 258 engine, T5 5 speed manual transmission, Dana 300 transfer case and best of all no rust. It was a bargain as well, granted it needed instant work to get running.

We bought it and after extensive maintenance including replacing the entire brake system the Jeep is now good to go and the real build-up has begun.

Our goal for this Jeep is to keep it simple and very trail capable while still retaining excellent road capabilities. Every product installation and modification will be a new article with detailed how-to information and photographs to guide you along. In addition to technical articles we will also chronicle our adventures with the Jeep after the build-up. However, we all know no Jeep is ever finished so there will always be new technical articles coming out even after the initial build is finished.

We have a great line-up of Sponsors that will be helping with this project so please check back often, as updates will come fast.


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