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Krylon Fusion Flares
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Krylon Fusion Flares

Date Created: 04/22/2008
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I went to Wal-Mart and picked up:

- 2 Cans of Krylon Fusion (Satin Black)

- 2 100/pack Index Cards

- 1 Roll of Masking Tape

- 1 Roll of Clear Plastic

Total Cost = $18.00

Time to Complete = 2 Hours (less than)

Before Photos:

Before I started taping off the flares, I cleaned them really well with some Windex.

I tucked the index cards behind the flares and taped them in place.

I wasn't really comfortable with my paint-control abilities, so I also taped down some plastic too.

I covered the ends of that sweet-a** front bumper with my custom 'Safeway' masking bags.

I used small strips of masking tape to cover the turn signal lenses. (I used one of those 'shopper cards' on my keychain to tuck the edges around the lenses)

Here it is, in all it's ghetto-fab glory

I sprayed on 3 thin/medium coats of the Krylon, and let it dry for a good 30 minutes. Per their instructions, the dry time is 15 minutes.

After Photos:

I'm VERY pleased with the results. We'll see how they hold up!

I only ended up using one can of paint, less than half of the plastic, and one pack of index cards. I guess I can do them again if it wears off.


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