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SKIM "Sentry Key Immobillizer Module" install
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SKIM "Sentry Key Immobillizer Module" install

Date Created: 03/30/2009
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Just did this today
Given the number of Jeeps being driven away without our permission (Stolen) lately I and several others in my local club have decided to add the factory SKIM set up to our Jeeps. This will prevent your jeep from being hotwired or a non chipped key being duplicated and used to steal it. When a non coded key is used it will kill your Jeep after about 2 seconds.
Doing this is very simple.

I bought the below keys and module to help deter the theft of my Jeep. Please consult with your Jeep dealer using your VIN # to determine part numbers specfic to your vehicle. The following part numbers came from my receipt and are for a 2005 TJ/LJ;
Key blank # 5018699-AA
SKIM Module # 56010209-AD

The SKIM keys are grey and thicker than the black non SKIM keys.

Here is the install process;

Once you get the parts together remove the top and bottom half of the steering wheel covers, by removing the 2 screws at the bottom of the steering wheel as indicated. There are 2 screws at the base of the steering wheel;

and 2 screws on each side of the steering column for the dash piece. The dash screws are longer and thinner so keep them separate from the steering screws. The panel has two metal clips at the top so you need to pull lightly and they will pop out once the screws are removed.

Once you have all that removed take your module and place the ring over the ignition. It slides over snuggly and seats up against the back of it;

Then rotate it down as needed to slide the clip onto the steering column support;

Take note of the small plug not being used and snip the tape holding it to the harness;

That is the plug that will be used by the dealer ***DO NOT PLUG IT IN*** Just remove the tape to make access for the dealer easier.

Now drive to your dealer of choice. They will need your VIN to get the PIN code to program your keys. They just enter it in their computer and it pulls it up. No need to call anyone. They will need the DRBIII tool for 05 and newer or scangauge for 04 and older.

Once they have the proper tool and code they will need to take that loose plug and connect it to the SKIM module and activate it first by placing your VIN in the module via their tool.

Once the SKIM module is recognized/activated they can place the key in the ignition, turn it on, (Not start) and enter the PIN code and hit "yes". If you have more than one key they just repeat the previous sentence. Now you are done.

When you start your Jeep with a key you will now see the yellow/orange "No Key" symbol next to the cruise light on your dash. It will stay on until it sync's the key and module/computer. One of 2 things will now happen, the light will go off and let the Jeep continue running because a good key is being used or stay on and shut off the Jeep because a non chip key or bad key was used. It will do this in about 2-3 seconds.

If you brought your screwdriver with you you can place all the plastic back together or go home and finish it up.

I bought 3 keys. The reason is that if you have one key go bad you can replace it and program it yourself as long as you have 2 working keys. If you only have 2 keys and one goes bad you have to have the dealer program the new key.

To program a new key if you have 2 good ones, you simply place one good key in the ignition and turn it all the way on but do not start it. You repeat this with the second good key, then you use the new key and your all set. This procedure is in your owners manual. The system will keep track of up to 8 keys.

If you want to test to see if your Jeep shuts off after the install is complete, take your old key and start the Jeep. It should shut if in about 2 secs. DO NOT do this several times. After the 3rd or 4th unsuccessful attempt, it will lock you out of the computer and your Jeep will need to be towed to the dealer. Im not sure on the exact number of tries but it will lock you out if you do this too many times.

I want to thank my daughter for the ability to use her finger(s) as pointers during the making/installation of this project.

I would also like to Thank Huffines Jeep Plano for their help with this.

Fine print and disclaimer: Please consult with your Jeep dealer in regards to your parts. Part #'s could vary. If you connect the spare plug to the module before getting to your dealer you have done so at your own risk after having been advised not to and are responsible for your own towing and repair charges.
NO Child labor laws were violated in the making of these pictures. No children were abused, injured, harmed, or placed in danger in anyway during the making of this writeup.


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